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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Saving Rome: The Ville delle Vignacce Summer Archaeology Field School

Can You See Yourself Saving Rome?

By "saving" one means uncovering and preserving its ancient remains, of course. Project Director Dr. Darius A. Arya and Co-Director Dr. Dora Cirone of the American Institute for Roman Culture Summer Archaeology Field School will be conducting a seven week intensive learning opportunity in Roman archaeology. The program is held from June 15, 2009 through August 02, 2009 and offers students a unique combination of on-site field work and specialized academic instruction by expert archaeologists and institute professors. As the program centers in Rome, there will also be visits to major Roman museums and open-air sites to augment field studies and to provide participants with a broader context of what life was like in Ancient Rome.

Participants will be given the opportunity to develop their archaeological techniques at the ongoing excavation and preservation of an important Roman site, the Villa of the Vignacce. In its fourth season of exploration, students will work with professionally trained archaeologists to explore and preserve an important second century AD villa located within Rome’s famed Park of the Aqueducts.

This summer dig programming will continue to focus on the comprehensive analysis of Ville delle Vignacce’s imperial bath complex, while working to examine and preserve the caldarium, latrine and an apodyterium with marble veneer and glass paste mosaics in the vaulting previously discovered during the first three seasons. The Ville delle Vignacce is proving to be one of the city’s most exciting new excavations and has recently garnered international press attention as one of Ancient Rome’s “At Risk” archaeological sites, threatened as the result of previous neglect and vandalism.

Participants will also explore both the urban development and the material culture of Rome from the 1st- 6th century A.D., investigating in detail many diverse aspects of Ancient Roman civilization. Through the examination of material evidence, so abundant in Lazio, program participants will have ample opportunity to learn from archaeological evidence as well as the many historical monuments and world heritage sites located in the area.

This season’s summer program aims to supply participants with both a chronological and diachronic approach to the study of Roman civilization. Through this dual approach those involved in the program will gain a more comprehensive historical and cultural overview of Roman civilization from its rise to power in this rich Mediterranean area, understanding how this civilization set a standard of cultural values that have had long lasting influence over the entire Western world to this day.


Ville delle Vignacce3


All prospective student participants and volunteers are encouraged to go to the
website for additional information about the opportunity and how to apply. Saving Rome couldn't be more fun and exciting!

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