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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Free Distance Learning Program in Archaeology

Other than the programs of the University of Leicester, archaeology is distinctly lacking in the availability of related distance learning coursework and degrees. Here is an oasis in the desert: The U.S. National Park Service offers impressively well structured distance learning courses in archaeology and historic preservation. There are four related courses that you may want to check out: Managing Archaeological Collections, Archaeology for Interpreters, Interpretation for Archaeologists, and Study Tour of Archaeological Interpretation. All of these courses provide a firm basic foundation in the study of archaeology. Another good thing about this program -- it is FREE. That's a bargain. See the website for more information.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Italo said...

Hi Paul

I am Italo, first of all thank you for this link.

I'll do the course on "Archeology for Interpretation" this course is well structured and complete, unfortunately there is not a section where we can give our personal interpretations about this topic.

I saw your blogs, we have the same passions on Astronomy and Archaeology,if you want please go to my blog.


On Flickr I posted some pictures of the archaeological museum where I work, as assistant librarian




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