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Monday, March 10, 2008

Excavate Ancient Roman Baths and a Thracian Settlement and Sanctuary

Roman Baths at Hisar

Help archaeologists excavate and investigate an impressive complex of ancient Roman baths in Bulgaria this summer. The main activity will focus on the baths, but the work will also involve an investigation of a nearby Thracian settlement and sanctuary, and the total experience will take you back to the 5th - 4th centuries B.C. Located in Hisar, the field school runs from June to August in two-week sessions. Those who would like to stay longer may apply for additional sessions. The work requires no previous experience and it will be led by professional archaeologists. Additionally, an interpreter will join the team, so fluent English is the only requirement. Academic credits are not available, but a museum certificate of participation will be issued. As an added feature, this experience will include a day trip to the famous Thracian tomb in Kazanlak. For more detailed information about the project, the field school, the accommodations, and application procedure, see the website.


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