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Monday, March 10, 2008

Excavate an Early Christian Basilica in Bulgaria

Early Christian Basilica at Sandanski

Students and volunteers will have the exciting opportunity this summer to participate in the continuing excavation and investigation of an early Christian basilica in south-western Bulgaria. Operated as a field school, it will run between June and August 2008 as a series of two-week sessions, although those who would like to stay longer may apply for additional sessions. The site is located in the center of the present day town of Sandanski. The work will be directed by a professional archaeologist. Additionally, an interpreter will join the team, so fluent English is the only requirement. Added attractions to this experience will include a field trip to the ancient site of Philippi in Greece and a hands-on course on mosaic production, where participants will work together to create mosaics similar to those found on the floors of the excavated basilica, using the same working techniques as the ancients. For more detailed information about the site, the field school, the accommodations, and the application procedure, see the website.


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