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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Pylos Archaeological Project

Here is an interesting archaeological excavation excursion into the world of Homer and the ancient Greeks:

Professor Michael Cosmopoulos of the University of Missouri, St. Louis, in conjunction with the Athens Archaeological Society, will be conducting an excavation at the ancient site of Pylos in Greece. If you recall your knowledge of classical Greek literature and history, Pylos was one of the nine famous cities of Nestor as related in Homer's accounts.

The project has two major tasks:

1. Investigate the origins of state formation and social complexity in Mycenaean Greece, and

2. Examine the relationship between the Homeric account and other myths and the actual archaeological evidence.

Thus far, the excavation has uncovered portions of a Mycenaean settlement, including a palace. In the 2008 season, staff, students, other professionals and volunteers will continue the excavation. The project is currently calling for participants. Participants with little or no experience will be trained in archaeological excavation. This project will also include travel to major archaeological sites and museums and lectures on Greek art and culture, archaeology, history and related literature.

If you are interested in this opportunity, go to the website for more information.


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