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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Publish Your Dig Experience

Going on a dig this summer? Have you been on a dig within the last year or two? If so, perhaps you have kept, or plan to keep, a personal dig journal recounting your experiences and discoveries. Or, lacking a journal, perhaps the significant events of that last dig are still fresh in your mind and you would like to share your experience -- get it out there for others to see.

Whether you have already been on a dig or plan to participate in a dig this summer or at some point in the future, one of the most satisfying aspects of this kind of activity is to actually publish your thoughts and experiences and share them with a world-wide readership. Others will be interested in what you have to say, especially individuals who are contemplating the prospect of "doing a dig" some day. If you are interested in publishing your experience, Archaeological Digs invites you to submit your written account to be considered for publication in this weblog. Feel free to submit photographs to illustrate your experience.

Dig directors and scholars often publish the results of their excavations and research to share with the educational community and others. They are "rewriting" history in this way. Dig volunteers and students -- the "foot soldiers" of archaeological projects, do not usually have this opportunity, although their experiences and personal discoveries are equally worth sharing with the public. Take this opportunity to make a difference for a more "public" archaeology. Submit your write-ups and photographs to pdmclerran@yahoo.com. All submissions will be given serious consideration and, depending upon the volume, it may be possible to publish every write-up submitted.


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