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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dig Spotlight: Digging at Williamsburg

For individuals knowledgeable about American colonial history, the town of Williamsburg, Virginia, constituted the very essence of life in the pre-Revolutionary War British colonies and conjures up images of many of the key events and figures of the historical drama that led to American independence from Britain. Today, Williamsburg presents a dual personality -- that of the modern town built around the academic community associated with the College of William and Mary -- and that of the old, meticulously restored 18th Century colonial Capital. In fact, the restored town is perhaps one of the world's best examples of an open-air living history museum, due in large part to decades of extensive and thorough archaeological research and excavation. For the United States, the field of historical archaeology has its Mecca here. For you, as a student, scholar, or volunteer, the projects and programs here will provide an opportunity in historical archaeology that is rarely matched anywhere else.

This summer, the Department of Archaeological Research of Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary will be conducting two five-week archaeological field schools. Each five-week session will introduce participants to the theory and methods of American historical archaeology, including excavation techniques, laboratory procedures, artifact analysis and identification, geographic database systems, computer-assisted mapping, and environmental sampling. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn through workshops, lectures and field trips.

If you are serious about getting a first-rate education and exposure to American historical archaeology, go to the
website for more information.


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