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Friday, March 25, 2005

Dig Spotlight: Ancient Fortresses in Ecuador

In relatively short order, the Incas conquered South America and established an empire that easily joins the ranks of the world's other great empires in both works and expanse. The success of their warfare tactics and technology assured this. But along the way, they encountered a civilization whose long years of fierce resistance gave them a run for their money. Known as the Cayambe, they defended themselves with a series of amazing fortresses constructed along a strategic highland frontier. The Incas responded in kind, building their own fortresses nearby and creating a battleground that to this day leaves architectural and artifactual traces of intense and enduring warfare.

This summer, you can join research efforts designed to investigate the differences between the Inca and Cayambe warfare tactics and what made the Cayambe so successful at resisting the Inca juggernaut. You will be involved in all aspects of archaeological excavation and investigation. You will stay in one of South America's oldest and largest haciendas, with hotel-like accommodations, including access to a pool in a greenhouse setting. The world famous market and artisans of Otavalo are located only an hour away. Bus transportation is cheap and direct. Most of all, you will have the opportunity to get a unique education in archaeological research and investigation.

If you are interested, visit the website for more information.


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