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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dig Spotlight: Excavating at Cahal Pech

The University of Mississippi and the Government of Belize will join forces this summer through the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project by conducting continuing investigations of the ancient Mayan city of Cahal Pech. While much of the ancient city has been excavated, there are several significant monumental structures that remain to be excavated and studied within the site core of the city. The effort will involve stratigraphic excavation and exposure of the architecture, as well as mapping of the features thus exposed. The project is calling for students and volunteers to help with all aspects of the investigation, including excavation, preparation of site maps, and processing finds. The stay will include weekly lectures about Mayan civilization and the elements and tools of archaeological investigation. As an added bonus, participants will have the opportunity to attend organized tours of archaeological sites such as Caracol and Tikal as part of the program. All participants will stay in the town of San Ignacio, directly adjacent to the excavation site. The minimum required stay is two weeks.

Does this sound interesting to you? See the website for more details.


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