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Monday, February 13, 2006

Dig Spotlight: Dig Megiddo

This summer, Directors Israel Finkelstein and Dr. David Ussishkin of Tel Aviv University, along with Eric Cline of the George Washington University, will again be leading excavations of perhaps the most famous archaeological site in Israel: Tel Megiddo. Set astride one of the most important highways of the ancient world, the Via Maris, this ancient city controlled a strategic point along the connecting route between the great ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, and was the site of a number of famous battles. Known biblically as Armageddon, it is also the only site of the Levant that is noted in all of the most notable records of the ancient near eastern civilizations. It was the inspiration for James Michener's best-selling novel, The Source. In addition to a first class site, this summer's excavations will offer first class accommodations and a first class educational program for volunteers and students.

For more information about this opportunity, see the website.


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