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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dig Spotlight: The Pompeii Archaeological Research Project

From the AIA online fieldschool opportunities listing, an outstanding archaeological field school experience may await you this summer:

The ‘Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia’ (PARP:PS) has recently begun a new archaeological excavation, structural assessment, and geophysical survey of the shops, workshops, inns, and houses at VIII.7.1-15, Pompeii. This neighbourhood was selected for intensive investigation because of its unique potential to reveal the developing relationship between public and private space in the Roman city: each of the private buildings were connected to the so-called ‘entertainment district’ – an area comprising two theatres, a large public colonnaded courtyard, three temples, and a forum. The buildings for excavation line one of the major thoroughfares of Pompeii, just inside one of the city gates (the Porta Stabia); here was the social and cultural hub of Pompeii. Even so, our first season in 2005 represented the first time that stratigraphic excavations have ever taken place since the first clearance of volcanic debris just over a century ago. PARP:PS offers the rare opportunity to begin new and exciting research into a forgotten corner of Pompeii (not even the tourists enter here), where modern archaeological investigation and penetrating inquiry can shed light on this fascinating pocket of urban life.

PARP:PS forms a close collaboration between the University of Michigan (Dr Steven Ellis) and Stanford University (Dr Gary Devore). The project directors have combined 20 years of experience excavating Pompeii.

PARP:PS will continue its successful field school in 2006. The field school will include students from around the world, each of whom will bring their own cultural experiences, approaches, and questions. We believe in the benefits of working and thinking alongside other international students. Our ratio of students to staff members is particularly strong: we will accept 20 students to work in close consultation with experienced archaeologists, historians and scholars. The structure of the field school allows for students with all levels of experience.

Read more about this opportunity at the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project website.


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