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Friday, November 30, 2007

FYI: A Portable Library of Ancient History?

What is as small and light as a paperback, reads almost like a book, can contain 200 volumes of ancient history, and makes it possible for you to acquire any of these volumes in less than a minute? The answer is a popular new electronic device called the KINDLE. Touted as a "revolutionary new wireless reading device" by Amazon.com, it's screen image looks like the print on the pages of a traditional book. You can wirelessly purchase and download your selected books, periodicals, etc. inside of a minute. You can permanently store up to 200 volumes of books. It is portable (weighs less than a paperback). You can select from as many as 465 books about ancient history, such as the book "Letters of the Great Kings of the Ancient Near East", or from an inventory of over 6700 books about history, generally. If you read and collect books as much as I do over time, this thing would probably pay for itself within a reasonable period of time in terms of both cost and space (not to mention the instantaneous delivery of your book). Not a bad deal. The downside: It's not cheap -- it costs about $400; it is in such high demand these days that the vendor runs out of stock quickly and you may have to be placed on a wait list until new orders arrive; and it's inventory (although over 90,000 books strong) may not contain everything you may want......at least for now (it continues to expand). If you travel frequently and you love to read, I suppose it is a no-brainer. As for me, I'll have to wait until after Christmas to receive it. Last time I checked, they were temporarily out of stock and awaiting another order.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dinosaur Digs

The following links are not archaeological digs. They are paleontology digs. Great opportunities, just the same:

1. Exploration - Hunting Dinosaurs
2. Paleoworld Expeditions - Includes Family Expeditions

The Crow Canyon Programs

When we think about going on an archaeological dig, most of us perceive it as a largely adult or college student activity. But it may surprise you to know that there are many programs out there that invite youth participation. Indeed, there are programs that are specifically designed for people well below "college age". Perhaps one of the finest examples can be found with the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. It offers programs for teenagers (high school students), children, and even a special program for home-schooled students. Using the example of ongoing Anasazi site investigation in the American Southwest, this program gives young people at a very early age a chance to learn what it means to undertake systematic excavation and research.......and have fun at the same time. Moreover, you will see when you visit this site that it caters to ALL ages and experience levels. Check it out!