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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dig Spotlight: Investigating a Major Colonial Fortress

If you are a colonial history or historical archaeology enthusiast and you picture yourself excavating this summer in cooler climes, the beauty and ruggedness of Nova Scotia might be your cup of tea. At Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Parks Canada will be conducting continuing archaeological investigations at the site of the historic Fortress of Louisbourg. Originally founded as a French settlement in 1713, it was fortified in the 1730's, besieged twice by New Englanders and the British, and then destroyed and abandoned by the British in the 1760's. Extensive archaeological excavations and historical research have resulted in partial reconstruction of the Fortress, the fortified town and its defensive walls. It is considered to be the largest reconstruction project in North America.

The 2006 season will concentrate on the De la Valliere property, which was occupied by French, British and New Englanders between 1720 and 1758. The program will entail two 5-day field sessions in early to mid August. Participants will excavate a portion of the De la Valliere property, learn about archaeological field techniques, and attend presentations addressing current historical research at the Fortress. There will also be opportunities to experience the rest of Fortress Louisbourg and explore the rugged Cape Breton landscape and coastline.

If you are interested in volunteering, see the website for additional information.


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