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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dig Spotlight: Learn Archaeology the Chinese Way

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An archaeology practicum located in Shaanxi, China, offers scholars, students and volunteers the opportunity to learn archaeological investigation techniques used in China. Under the sponsorship of the Fudan Museum Foundation and the Sino/American Field School of Archaeology, surveys, excavations, and artifact processing and analyses are conducted as a means to explore and build upon Chinese ancient history as well as to teach and compare techniques of archaeological investigation. In previous years, project participants helped to uncover the Treasury of the First Emperor of China, the famous Terracotta Soldiers of Han Emperor Jing Di, and the Mausoleum of Li Shian (grandson of Empress Wu Zetian of Tang), among other important discoveries. The practicum is scheduled to run from July 2 to August 1 this summer, and although it may be too late to apply for this year, future sessions are sure to follow. As China's high rate of construction and resulting salvage archaeology continues to increase, we will see an archaeological gold mine of opportunities.

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