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Friday, February 25, 2005

Dinosaur Digs This Summer

Some very amazing things can be found in the earth in parts west of the United States. Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming collectively make up what can arguably be said is the dinosaur capital of the world. The fossilized remnants of these Jurassic giants are being investigated again this summer, and there are a number of opportunities for public participation. The Judith River Dinosaur Institute's "Exploration 2005" is offering two 5-day sessions for interested volunteers. The goal will be to find new specimens and sites for future studies. Participants will learn methods of field exploration and excavation, how to map and record finds, identify and interpret finds, and techniques of specimen preparation and preservation in the lab. Group discussions and slide presentations round out the educational experience. As an added benefit, participants will be allowed, with professional staff approval, to actually collect and keep some dinosaur bones that are not deemed important to research. The cost for the experience is $850 per person, which includes transportation from the base camp to the field sites and back, lunch and beverages in the field, and information on their various programs. Transportation to the base and accommodations in the vicinity are the responsibility of the volunteer; however, information is provided on the available accommodation options in the area.

An equally exciting program is offered by the
Paleontology Division of the Museum of Western Colorado. This organization offers a program that includes a 1-day session for $99, a 3-day session for $695, and a 5-day session for $1,099.

For additonal information on other dinosaur dig opportunities, see the dinosaur dig section of Digs and Tours for 2005.


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