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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Origins: Early Man in Spain

Orce, Andalusia, Spain -- Here in southern Spain, palaeontologists have found human-made tools that are up to 1.7 million years old. This rivals finds of early man in Africa, where, according to the prevailing theory, humans originated. When, exactly, did humans first arrive in Europe, and how did they get here? How did they live? A father and son team, Dr. Josep Gibert Clols and Luis Gibert believe they can find the answers in the sediments of the Guadix-Baza basin, with your help. So far, excavators have found stone flakes, fragmentary human remains, and, most interestingly, parts of elephants and hippos together with evidence of human tools, suggesting that the animals were killed, butchered, and carried to some other location. These sorts of detailed scenarios are precisely what the Giberts are hoping to reconstruct. You can join them next summer as they attempt to uncover more evidence that may shed light on an area that, along with Dmanisi, Georgia, may have harbored the presence of some of the first humans in Europe. See the website for more information.


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