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Friday, April 29, 2005

Intelligent Design Not Ready for Prime Time, Say Scientists

The search for human origins has its roots in the Theory of Evolution, taught widely in schools as part of the science curriculum. Enter the increasingly popular (and controversial) proposition that the manifestations of the evolutionary process are in fact a product of planned design by a Creator (the nature of whom or which remains undefined). Known as "Intelligent Design", the theory hangs its hat on the observation that certain processes, such as the highly complex workings of cells and living organisms, cannot be adequately explained by the hit-and-miss, random principles implicit in natural selection and evolutionary theory. These processes can be explained by a purposeful, intelligent design or plan. The assessment of many scientists, however, is that the Intelligent Design theory is not developed fully enough to be considered on a par with the traditionally accepted Theory of Evolution as an alternative body of knowledge to be taught in the schools. See a recent article for more information about this topic. As for this writer, whether we are talking about evolutionary theory or Intelligent Design, the adventure of archaeological and paleoanthropological discovery continues to fascinate.


At 4:52 AM, Blogger Stephanie Butler said...

The theory of intelligent design states that there are features of the universe and living things that are explained by an intelligent cause.
Intelligent Design Theory


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