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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Archaeological Tour: Try Peru

You are into archaeology but you don't particularly want to get your hands dirty with digging or you have an injury or physical condition that precludes you from the kind of activity involved in excavation work. Or, you would like to take your spouse on an archaeological adventure but he/she is not much interested in digging or the other activities associated with a dig. You have the vacation time, expense is not a huge obstacle, and you want an educational and cultural experience to enrich your mind and life. Does this describe you?

Perhaps an archaeological study tour will fit the bill. The Archaeological Institute of America offers an array of high-quality archaeological tours for your consideration. They know what they are doing because they have been in this business the longest and, compared to most other "adventure travel" itineraries, their tours are archaeologically intense, yet sprinkled with the luxuries and variety that normally attends a well-planned vacation package.

I perused a few and here is one that caught my eye. Perhaps it will catch yours, too:

Explore the archaeological sites, variety of museums, picturesque villages, and modern cities of Peru, including two days among the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu. Visit the site of the rich Moche burial tombs of Sipan at Huaca Rajada, including the Tombas Reales Museum; tour the vast collection of treasures in Lima's National Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; and wander the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lima and Cusco. Travel to Chan Chan, capital of the ancient Chimu Empire and one of the largest cities in pre-Columbian South America; the imposing Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo; and the famed oracle of Pachacamac. Enjoy special events throughout the program, including a private tour of the Puruchuco lab by Guillermo Cock to see mummy bundles, a private dinner party in the Precolumbian Museum in Cusco, and a private tour of the excavations at Pachacamac.

This looks incredibly good to me. I'll need to wait until my children are out of college. That's a couple of years down the road. But this might fit neatly into your life right now. The tour starts July 29 and ends August 15. That's 19 days of new memories.

Go to this
archaeological tour site to see the above excerpt in its context.

If you wish to look into other organizations that specialize in archaeological/cultural/adventure travel packages, see the archaeological tours section of my digs and tours page.


At 9:07 PM, Blogger Patricia C said...

I would like to know if Dr. Guillermo Cock has a website or one of his mummy laboratory.

please advise.

Patricia C


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