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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dig Spotlight: Dor, Seaport of the Ancients

About 30 kilometers directly south of Haifa, Israel, lies a very large Tel (an earth mound containing ancient architectural and artifact remains) that tells a story crossing at least eight civilizations. The story is largely a commercial one, as the ancient seaport city of Dor on the Mediterranean coast of present day Israel was host to the trading activities of a number of civilizations or cultures that ringed the Mediterranean world in ancient times. In this sense, it served as a major gateway between the East and the West, while it was successively ruled or inhabited by the Canaanites (beginning in 2,000 B.C.), the "Sea Peoples" (colonizers from parts west of the Mediterranean), Israelites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans, and a historical time span that ends finally with the Crusades. Needless to say, this site presents a rich mosaic of archaeological finds and new opportunities for us -- volunteers, students, and scholars alike, to make a contribution.

Launched in 2003, a new expedition to Tel Dor is being conducted under the direction of Ilan Sharon of Hebrew University and Ayelet Gilboa of Haifa University. They are leading a consortium of universities and scholars in pursuit of multiple research objectives, inviting volunteers from all walks of life to play a part. If you are interested in joining, click
here for more information if you are a North American volunteer or student, here if you are from anywhere else. No experience is necessary (all skills will be taught at the excavation). You must be relatively fit and, of course, willing to WORK and LEARN. You will be doing much of both! An added attraction: You will be staying in a very nice seaside resort, up to four to a room with air conditioning, private shower, kitchenette, TV, hotel food, and various nearby amenities such as shopping, sports facilities, diving, boating, bars, and restaurants. In addition, optional instructional trips to other sites of archaeological significance in Israel are offered as part of the overall experience.

Go for it!


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Miss K Risque said...

this is awesome and damn i wish i could!


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