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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dinosaur Tracks in Utah

Within the environs of hot, dry St. George, Utah, you will find footprints so ancient that even the dino stars of Jurassic Park would be considered relative newcomers on the world scene. About 205 million years ago (yes, 205 million, not 65 million), a dinosaur species that scientists have described as Dilophosaurus-like roamed this area. At the time, this town was an ancient freshwater lake in the center of the super-continent Pangea. These dinosaurs left amazing traces of their existence in the mud, which fossilized after millions of years and left a legacy in stone that all of us can enjoy with a trip to national park-rich southern Utah. New discoveries are ongoing, (over 1,000 tracks found and impressions of skin and tail dragging) and the Federal government has funded the establishment of a museum and science center at the spot of the excavations. I have seen this place for myself and, believe me, it is impressive. Volunteers are accepted to help with the excavations and other related work. To volunteer, call St. George Leisure Services at 435-634-5860 and ask about volunteer opportunities with the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Walkway.


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