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Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost Civilizations of North America

When one thinks of advanced ancient civilizations in America, names such as "Maya", "Aztec" and "Inca" immediately come to mind. Few, other than knowledgeable archaeologists or historians, would include words like "Anasazi" or "Hopewell". Yet it is true that, north of the border between Mexico and the United States, lie the ruins of ancient civilizations that easily rival and in some ways even surpass the cultural brilliance we so often associate with their better known counterparts to the south. This point is convincingly made in the recently released documentary entitled "The Lost Civilizations of North America". Through an exploration of the architectural and artifact remains from sites such as Cahokia as well as an engaging series of interviews with prominent scholars in the field, this documentary expounds on the salient cultural remains (some not without controversy) that underpin the various schools of thought about the origins, development and achievements of these lesser known ancient civilizations. What sets this production apart from perhaps any other is its treatment of the development of the applicable theories of cultural evolution and how these theories fed into historical national policies toward Native Americans, Manifest Destiny, and the resultant "wanton destruction" of their cultural remains. Whether one agrees or not with the facts and points advanced, the film is a refreshing and intellectually expansive experience for those of us who are willing to think a little beyond the generally accepted paradigms about North American anthropology, archaeology, and history. Anyone interested in viewing the full documentary (63 minutes) may acquire it at www.LostCivilizationDVD.com.

Documentary Trailer

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At 3:46 PM, Blogger Billy Bob Knopp said...

Dan...how do we invite others to come and see what we have discovered here in Idaho? Please email me at bknopp1@yahoo.com thanks, Bill Knopp


At 1:35 PM, Blogger bobmeyer said...

Dan, how best do I get a list of active archeological digs in North America? I am trying to help a group of mature PhD students (in diverse non-archeological fields) whose homes are scattered around North America to get connected with active digs near their home for at least brief dig experience before I bring them to Gobekli Tepe in southeast Turkey (where I am currently visiting). Bob (bmeyer@wisdomuniversity.org)


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